The instructors of the Ski School Pontedilegno – Tonale are available to give private lessons for ski, snowboard, freeride , freestyle, telemark, cross-country skiing and lessons to people with disabilities.

The private lesson teaching program is based on the individual needs, so that beginners will soon obtain unexpected results and more advanced skiers will continue to improve in their techniques thanks to their trustworthy instructors.

Besides the individual private lessons, we offer private lessons for more persons: family units or groups of friends with the same technical level or age.

For experienced skiers we organize racing courses and skiing races.

We teach in the following languages: Italian, English, German, French and basic Russian.

Private Lessons

Low Season and High Season
From 01/11/18 until 22/12/18
From 06/01/19 until 30/04/19
1 hour 1 person€ 39,00
1 hour 2 persons€ 50,00
1 hour 3 persons€ 60,00
1 hour 4 persons€ 70,00
1 hour 5 persons€ 80,00
Christmas Period
From 23/12/18 until 05/01/19

1 hour 1 person€ 45,00
1 hour 2 persons
€ 56,00
1 hour 3 persons
€ 66,00
1 hour 4 persons
€ 76,00
1 hour 5 persons
€ 86,00

The lesson from 4 pm to 5 pm has an unchanged cost of 39,00 €.                                      The lesson from 4 pm to 5 pm is taken at 40,00 €.

Private Lessons Packages

Excluding Christmas Period and Carnival
10 hours 1 person€ 360,00
10 hours 2 persons€ 460,00
10 hours 3 persons€ 560,00
10 hours 4 persons€ 660,00
  • The sport hour lasts 55 minutes.
  • Private lessons are held throughout the entire ski area: Pontedilegno – Tonale – Temù – Presena Glacier, with meeting points at our offices or those agreed at the moment of booking with our offices.
  • The time slots for the lessons are to be agreed with the ski school office staff, according to the seasonal calendar and it is sufficient to contact our offices one week before the date indicated for the start of lessons.
  • It is possible specify the preference for a particular instructor regarding private lessons.
  • Show up at the meeting point 5 minutes before the start of the class with ski pass, equipment and payment coupon.
  • Private lessons can be booked directly in our office, online or by phone following the conditions listed in  USEFUL INFORMATION.


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