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Pontedilegno-Tonale : Our Resort...

Pontedilegno slopes are rather difficult and into the wood. They border the ones of Temù, which are particularly wide and panoramic.

There is a Gondola lift in Ponte di Legno, which brings you to Passo Tonale in 15 minutes.

There you can enjoy the easy and wide slope which generation of beginners have ran.

The  Presena Glacier is reachable at an altitude of  3.000 meters by cable car; you can ski on its rather difficult tracks and slopes until the late spring.

Passo Tonale can meet the needs of each skier thanks to a wide variety of slopes from the blue ones up to the black ones. It is also the suitable vacation destination for families with children.

Here you can appreciate the services provided by the wonderful Fantaski Park, placed in the middle of Passo Tonale at  the exclusive disposal of the Ski School Pontedilegno-Tonale and  Tonale-Presena School.

The medium/ high difficulty slopes in Ponte di Legno and Temù require a good mastery of ski discipline even if you can find carpet lifts in both sites.

The carpet lift in Ponte di Legno is just next to our Office in front of the Cable car Departure.

Meeting Point for courses and lessons:

  • The meeting point in Pontedilegno is at the small wooden house situated in front of the ticket office (the Cable Lift Departure nearby), or in different meeting points agreed with our office at the moment of booking.
  • The meeting point for private lessons in Passo Tonale is by our office situated on the ground floor of the Serodine Restaurant ( second building on the left going up by car from Pontedilegno) or in different meeting points agreed with our office at the moment of booking.
  • The meeting point for the weekly group lessons is at the sign “RADUNO CLASSI”, well-indicated by flags, at the rear of Serodine Restaurant next to the Serodine-Cadì chair lift departure; the meeting point for beginner children is at the Fantaski Park, next to Scoiattolo chairlift. There are some courses with meeting/return point in Pontedilegno on festivities.

How to get to Passo Tonale from Pontedilegno:

Thanks to the Cable car you can get to Passo Tonale without catching traditional means of transport:

–  If you are an intermediate or advanced skier, you can get to Passo Tonale from Pontedilegno by Cable Car in 15 minutes.

Once at the Cable car arrival in Passo Tonale , you will go down 100 meters on the blue slope to reach the RADUNO CLASSI area, situated next to the Serodine-Cadì chairlifts, in the rear of Serodine restaurant, where our Office is placed ( ground floor).

– If you are a beginner  or companion without skis, you can get to Passo Tonale from  Pontedilegno by  Cable Car and by bus .

In 10 minutes you will reach the intermediate Cable Car station “Colonia Vigili”.

Once there, you will catch a free Shuttle Bus that will take you to Passo Tonale in other 10 minutes.

You can ask for a bus stop at the Serodine area, just in front of our Ski School Office, from where you can also see our Meeting Point – “  RADUNO CLASSI”  -.

Please note that the Shuttle Bus service connecting Passo Tonale and the ”Colonia Vigili “intermediate Cable car station departs every 20/25 minutes and therefore, it is advisable to consider this waiting time before  to decide the departure time from Pontedilegno.

The Shuttle Bus service is reinforced during the peak times of the winter season. For any  further information about bus stops and time tables click here :

How to book

You can book your lessons through the on line booking on our website prepaying by credit card.

Lessons can be also booked by phone or by e-mail with prepayment to be done at least one week before the first lesson; half of the total amount of the booked lessons is required as a deposit by:

CREDIT CARD: click on the address received from the booking confirmation registration reminder and complete the payment transaction or enter the ONLINE  BOOKING ( website ) , then select PERSONALIZED PAYMENTS and fill the booking data.

MONEY TRANSFER to: SCUOLA SCI PONTEDILEGNO-TONALE – Intesa Sanpaolo – Filiale di Ponte di Legno

IBAN: IT41I0306954991100000001214  BIC: BCITITMM

The name specified for the reservation must also specify the causal of the transfer and / or causal – note in personalized payments on the online booking.

Changes or cancellations must be communicated only by phone or by e- mail within the day before the lesson, no later than 03:00

Cancellations by e- mail will  be considered approved only after the  confirmation from our secretary’s office.

Cancellations by answerphone or by SMS are not allowed.

General Conditions

  • The sport hour lasts 55 minutes.
  • The payment of all services has to be done in advance; only the presentation of the booking ticket to the instructor allows the attendance to the lesson or to the course.
  • The lessons are not refundable, any delays or absences cannot be postponed or recovered; interruptions due to illness or injury will be refunded only upon presentation of a medical certificate.
  • The prices of the lessons do not include accident insurance , therefore is recommended to get it while purchasing the skipass.
  • The lessons and courses are held regularly in all weather conditions; in the unlikely event that the weather conditions would prevent the opening of the lifts, the lessons that have not been held will be postponed or refunded.
  • The group courses are not convertible into private lessons; the non-participation to the course for one or more days gives no right to refunds, excluding the displaying of a medical certificate.
  • It is recommended to have the equipment perfectly efficient; helmet use is mandatory for children under 14 years.
  • Ski passes and equipment are not included and must be procured before lessons.

Notices for the customers

  • The ski schools NOT fall into the category of “amateur sports associations” indicated by art. 90, paragraphs 17 and following of the law 289/2002.
  • The lessons taught to children between 5 and 18 do not give right of deduction contained in 15, paragraph 1 of  the d.p.r. letter   N. 917/86.
  • The Ski school is exempt from VAT and therefore is exempt from the obligation to invoice in accordance with article. 36/bis of d.p.r. 633/1972 and subsequent amendments and additions. The invoice is issued only under express request of the customer at the time of the booking.
  • Pursuant to EU Reg. 679/2016 concerning the Protection of Data of Individuals, we inform you that your data are processed by” Scuola Tonale Ponte di Legno “, the Data Controller, according to the procedures established by European legislation and exclusively by Authorized personnel and adequately trained.

Notes and suggestions

  • The time slots for the lessons are to be agreed with the ski school office staff, according to the seasonal calendar and it is sufficient to contact our offices one week before the date indicated for the start of lessons.
  • During the Christmas period the 11am-1pm time slot is reserved mainly for group courses; the possible availability for private lessons in the above time slot shall be verified at the moment on site.
  • The booking of courses and lessons on the Christmas period are accepted from November until December 25th, from this date the priority will be given to bookings made directly at our offices.
  • The group lessons do not have a limited number; anyway you can make a reservation in advance indicating the general details of the participant (name, surname, year of birth, level) and those of the adult (name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address); there is a discount through the online booking.
  • Group lessons are held with a minimum of 4 participants with similar level and age, if the minimum number is not reached, other solutions will be proposed and any deposit will be converted into private lessons or refunded.
  • It is possible specify the preference for a particular instructor regarding private lessons; the assignment of the instructor for the group courses is random and by rotation.
  • The group courses during Christmas allow daily new entries in the groups and are not bound to a fixed start and end date of the course as in other periods.
  • During high and low season periods the “not beginners” that for organizational reasons cannot participate to the collective course from the first day, they can still sign up for the course also if is already started.
  • The group lessons are held in Italian or English.
  • Parents must be present at the agreed meeting point at least 5 minutes before the end of the lesson for pick up the minor: in case of any delay, of which we ask the parent to give us previous communication, the instructor will return the minor at the ski school office; therefore it is not required the supervision of a parent during the lesson.
  • Parents are requested to notify any allergies or special medical arrangements concerning their children.
  • The child up to 8 years, accompanied by an adult family member who buys a ski pass from 1 to 14 days at the list price, receive a free ski pass for the same period and type of the family member: to get free ski passes is binding exhibit the child and family member identification documents. The release of the child ski pass is contextual to the accompanying person ski pass release: For more details and price list of the ski pass please visit .
  • Children feel more climate changes and need to be dressed properly: gloves, neck warmer, sunglasses and / or mask are essential accessories.
  • Learning times are subjective: skiing is a sport but for a child it is especially fun: parents who ski with their children have to adapt to their skills and ask to the instructors for any suggestions.